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Management System

Traditional learning has always suffered from the fact that all teachers are not created alike, meaning the quality of learning delivered varies. Additionally, it's extremely time consuming and expensive to go from a hundred seat classroom to a hundred thousand. And through the process, it is near impossible to assess the extent to which a learner has actually consumed the content delivered to him/her.

Hornbill FX's proprietary cloud-based eLearning Management Solution (eLMS) is built to be the ideal delivery platform for our unique content concepts, offering a seamless and hassle-free solution to all your training and reporting requirements in one place. Built for standardization of learning quality and for effortless scalability, the eLMS also offers advanced measurement metrics provide an in-depth analysis of each learner's performance through customized and scheduled reports.

Our in-depth deployment expertise helps you manage processes such as curriculum management, learning event scheduling, and coursework assignment analysis with minimal hassle. And with our powerful learning frameworks, your training can communicate more effectively, create an enhanced application-oriented learning experience, and incite better recall and retention for your learners.

Standardized, scalable, measurable - HBX's eLMS delivers the trifecta.

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