Relearning how we learn

Learners are evolving. They are increasingly pragmatic and demand experiential, interactive and personalized learning. To help them, learning has to evolve from just plain reading to simulate problem-solving; with more learning in less time.

At HBX, we combine cognitive principles and learning styles to develop interactive instructional design methods to transform your content into an immersive, experiential and asynchronous experience where the learners learn by doing, at their own pace and place. We customize learning experience to various learning styles to assimilate the experiences, recall information, and even map them to the responses they are expected to make.

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The Trifecta: Standardized, Scalable and Measurable

Hornbill FX’s proprietary cloud-based eLearning Management Solution (eLMS) aims to blend in versatile content with the LMS platform efficiently to establish a tangential relationship between the learners and the content.

Our robust learning platform offers a seamless and hassle-free solution to all your training and reporting requirements at one place. You can easily standardize your learning delivery and scale it to any imaginable number. Our in-depth deployment expertise helps you sail past tedious processes such as curriculum management, learning event scheduling, and coursework assignment analysis.

Our advanced measurement metrics provide an in-depth analysis of learners’ performance through customized and scheduled reports. With our powerful learning frameworks, your training programs can communicate more effectively, create an enhanced application-oriented learning experience and incite better recall and retention for the learners.

The Analytical Edge to Your Online Training

We consider Learning Analytics a pedagogical tool to predict parameters including on-the-job performance, retention capability and even the success of the learning experience as a whole.

At HBX, we have developed an adaptive learning system that can track and analyze the learning data and intelligently adapt the curriculum to the learner’s needs. Our proprietary analytics algorithm presents only suitable learning content, appropriate learning path, optimized learning instructions and personalized feedback based on the individual’s learning behavior.

We offer granular analytics and personalized metrics that offer perspective into performance, assess competency and indicate the cognitive ability, giving a deeper insight into learner’s potential fit for a role.

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