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Hornbill FX is the perfect partner to help you create games and gamified experiences for your learners. Our expert and experienced team of designers and developers have helped numerous clients achieve higher engagement and improved learning outcomes.

All in a day’s play

We’ve built award-winning gameplay experiences for learners of all ages, across diverse disciplines, ranging from kindergarten-level math and reading, to stock trading and financial planning, to driver education and a whole lot more.

Playtime can be anytime and anywhere

Our expertise extends to creation and delivery on multiple platforms and across all major channels of access - be it mobile App stores, SCORM packages, WebGL, html5, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, and more.

Gamers at heart

We truly understand games, and know that gamification goes beyond just adding levels and badges to courses. And the products we deliver reflect this - we create interesting, enjoyable experiences that motivate learners, delivering learning and fun in equal measure.

End-to-end Services forGame-based Learning Development

Whether you’ve just had a great idea, fleshed out your concept and now need art and engineering, or even have a detailed spec for your project - our comprehensive range of services allows us to slot in and add value to your learning game development project quickly and reliably.

& andragogy

Game design

Concept, scripting, art, and character design

Game development across all platforms

Publication & maintenance

Tools & Platforms

We cover the gamut of technology platforms and tools to build and deliver our award-winning learning games.

Some of our Projects

At Hornbill, we never lose sight of making the core gaming experience fun, helping us to keep learners motivated to progress. Here are just a couple of examples of our work that we have done for our clients.

Fairside Stories

Fairside Stories is a collection of story-based learning games for kids aged 9-12 where they make tough choices, observe the outcomes of their decisions and learn about values.

Guess in 10

Guess in 10 is a fun educational game for kids of all ages where they learn about Animals, Dinosaurs, Countries and more in the most exciting way possible.

Planning to get your game-based learning project off the ground?

Talk to us today to build learning games that deliver improved learning outcomes, and equally importantly are just plain fun!

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