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Game-based Learning

Why go through something the hard way when there is an easy, fun way that works just as well? We never understood it either. Games offer an enjoyable and memorable mode of engagement - which makes it baffling that its usage in learning has been so limited.

At Hornbill, our team directs its considerable creative heft into turning serious learning content into easy to digest formats that keep learners hooked. You wouldn't abandon a video game 3 steps short of leveling up, and when the same principle of stickiness is applied to eLearning, the results can be truly powerful.

While gamification has become an overused cliche these days, at HBX, we understand that this powerful mode of learner motivation goes far beyond simple points systems. Interactive challenges, unlocking special powers, bonus levels for extra credit, and even multi-learner competitions, we’ve upped the eLearning game to a point where engagement gives way to full-on immersion. That’s a level of learner commitment that’s hard to come by.

Engage to motivate in the new world of game-based learning with HBX.

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