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Aravindh RamachandranCEO

Madhav SattanathanCreative Director

Ramesh PrabhakarAnimation Director

Aravindh has spent his career building and managing creative teams. Across advertising, branding, filmmaking, event management and now animation and E-Learning, he has always been all about delivering clients’ value, while always ensuring that the work is original, memorable and impactful.

With a client list and credentials that include several “World's largest … “, “Asia's largest … “ , “India's first … “ and similarly qualified names, Aravindh is always looking for newer areas to explore and that's what brought him to Hornbill FX and E-Learning. Having been an avid videogamer since the age of 7, he knows immersive, engaging and interactive storytelling inside out and the idea of applying those principles to corporate learning was intriguing.

A lifelong interest in music (he is an amateur drummer who thinks he's better than he is), a history of being a rabid sports fan and a background as a college level debater and quizzer ensure that he never runs out of bar room conversation!

Madhav started Hornbill FX with the vision to change the way corporate communication worked. The traditional forms of communication do not take all the modern-day tools available into consideration and still communicate information with slides and bullets that do not really excite like they once did – back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Seeing that the bandwidth was only getting larger and people’s attention space lesser, Madhav believed that animation would be the new norm and, therefore, built a company around it!

Madhav started his career in the US though he did most of his schooling in India. Being fascinated by design and how underestimated it was, he always gave emphasis to presentation. In conversation over design – all he talks about – you will often hear him regaling episodes of his handwriting teacher and how the written word is typed and not written anymore … ‘It’s just not the same thing!’

Madhav owns several businesses where design plays a big role, but HornbillFX is where he really lets loose! He is back to playing sports he grew up playing, with the excuse that he has to be fit for his daughter who is a little over a year old.

Ramesh With nearly 16 years of experience in the Indian animation and software industries, Ramesh has a wide range of hands-on experience as a designer, animation director, scriptwriter and Creative director. He has worked with international production houses like DIC, Mike Young, Ruger, Universal studios and Carbon Studios.

He has worked on the animation of a German movie Werner 3 in collaboration with Glen Kennedy – an Emmy award holder for Bugs Bunny Cartoon – and closely worked with him on MTV title gigs and environmental series. He served as the project director for a Car Driving simulator – a 3D engine Controlled environment learning tool – and developed the technical blueprints for the model. Having worked as a creative head for Jimmy strong – a 3D console game – he had supervised all stages of animation from pre-production, concept development, game documentation, scenario development, weapons designing, layout and character designing to texturing and 3D modeling. He was also a part of the Global Marketing team along with Marc Hebert. As a Creative Writer, he has contributed more than 150 scripts and screenplays for TV animation series and feature films.

He has helmed various international animation and live action features along with Journey to the Center of the Earth fame American screenwriter, director, actor and film producer Rusty Lemorande and Omar Kaczmarczyk – the producer of many Hollywood feature films – who originated the concept of segmented rights sales for motion pictures.

At Hornbill FX, he currently heads the animation team.

Aravindh Ramachandran
Madhav Sattanathan
Ramesh Prabhakar
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