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Learning in the flow of work: Agile, adaptive and practical

How do adults learn? While younger learners are still used to the classroom environment, where they imbibe knowledge in large blocks over periods of hours,

Deliver learning right even when your learners get it wrong with Mistake-Driven Corporate Learning

A recent conference paper published as part of the EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing book series (EAISICC) found that “mistake-driven training provides students with

The Scenario-based Learning Series: #2 When to use Scenario-based Learning?

In our last post, we defined Scenario-based Learning (SBL) and discussed its key components. Now, we are all set to explore various learning situations where

The Scenario-based Learning Series: #1 What is Scenario-based Learning?

My Dad was a remarkable story-teller. Whenever I stumbled upon a problem and looked up to my Dad for a suggestion, he would promptly mold