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The what, why and how of blended learning for Employee On-Boarding

Forbes found that an employee’s average tenure in an organization is only a year and a half. In addition, SHRM found that nearly one-third of

Instructional Design: an ongoing, iterative process

While instructional design (ID) is of course most important when creating and launching an e-learning course, it is important to understand that ID is not

Creating effective microlearning content for m-learning

Compared to other learning media, mobile learning is gaining considerable traction, especially among corporate learners. Content for mobile learning – e-learning delivered via mobile devices

Meet the future: Optimize content, design and assessment for m-learning

For the past several years now, there has been a rapid move towards mobile device adoption. Most mobile phone users check their phones as much

3 major ways AR is revolutionizing training in healthcare

Augmented reality (AR) adds a layer of computer-generated imagery over the real world in the form of data, information, infographics, images or graphics. It’s revolutionizing

Are your Software Training Programs leading nowhere? Simulations could be the missing link.

What’s the best way to train users on how to use software? Especially for kinesthetic learners, the answer is to give them hands-on experience. Traditionally,

How do we learn? Through experience, repetition, and engagement

One of our clients at Hornbill FX is in the business of training teachers on how to teach more effectively… based on how their young