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3 ways e-learning is helping students of the 21st century

After more than a year of e-learning, it’s now less “new normal” and more, just, normal. In fact, the forecasted size of the e-learning market

Schools need to adopt the right tech interventions to improve learning outcomes. Here’s why and how…

COVID-19’s interruption of the face-to-face classroom experience has resulted in students finishing the school year several months behind in reading and math. Worse, high schoolers

4 problems with e-learning (and how to guard against them)

Nothing is perfect, and e-learning is no different. Here are some aspects of online learning that need to be addressed before implementing an e-learning course

Workforce Gamification and Motivation in Sales

A recent Gallup Study found that disengaged employees cost companies as much $300 billion in lost productivity every year. Disengaged employees are simply less motivated

How to Use Audio Design to Make E-learning Better

Great e-learning content is created through high quality visual and instructional design of the modules – but don’t discount the important role that audio design

Are your Software Training Programs leading nowhere? Simulations could be the missing link.

What’s the best way to train users on how to use software? Especially for kinesthetic learners, the answer is to give them hands-on experience. Traditionally,

How do we learn? Through experience, repetition, and engagement

One of our clients at Hornbill FX is in the business of training teachers on how to teach more effectively… based on how their young