Engaged Learners = Better Learners. But how do you make e-learning more engaging?

Looking at creating compelling e-learning content and don’t know where to start? Here are some tips and tools that could help you.

Practical orientation

Don’t leave the messaging with a theoretical lesson. Allow the learner to understand the concept and its importance by showing them the practical application of what is being taught. By using playable, customizable case studies and branching scenarios built on real-world examples, the learner can apply the concept in practice, face potential questions, conflicts and dilemmas, and then make choices in a safe-to-fail environment. 

Visual aids

While there are different kinds of learners (visual, auditory and kinesthetic, to name the most prevalent), visual aids have been proven to be the most effective tool in any kind of learning. Incorporate photos, videos, illustrations, diagrams, even stock photos, background images and animations, to allow learners to focus better on the content and make it more comprehensible.


Go beyond static visual tools. With interactive visuals, enhance learning and promote curiosity and exploration among learners. By using clickable images, popups, zoom-in and other easy methods of increasing interactivity, you encourage your learners to engage with the material. Interactive tools are a great way to keep the learner hooked. The more you explore interactivity (for example, through gamification, AR and VR), the better your outcomes are likely to be.

‘Human’ material

People engage better with content when they can empathize with those going through the issues being described. Rather than keeping content dry and impersonal, make it more human. Use pictures. Tell stories. Allow the learner to feel the emotions of the people facing the problem they’re learning how to solve. As we suggested in an earlier article about teaching math, use personalized examples to increase recall. It could be as simple as using a pre-shared friend’s name in arithmetic sums: “If you buy 4 apples and give 3 to <Friend’s Name>, how many do you have left?”

There are dozens of ways to make e-learning content more engaging. Just think like a learner! When creating your e-learning content, go beyond simple text and theory to deliver content that is as personalized and customized to your students as possible.

Engaging e-learning is not dependent on technology or tools. It’s all about the content and instructional design of your e-learning material. Do consult our experts before you get started on your next project.