Quality Animation – A Classic Approach to your eLearning Development

Making high-quality animation doesn’t mean you have to perfect every frame to Disney standards – rather, it’s about moulding every story the right way to meet your communication needs.

At Hornbill FX, we have a clear demarcation between quality and grade. We don’t confuse the two, we tell our customers not to confuse the two, and now, we are telling you!

The grade of an animation film is the technical excellence of it — frames per second, immaculate squash and stretch, accurate follow through and overlapping action and the like. Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a very high-grade film. In fact, it uses all 12 principles of animation, and is theoretically very strong.

But while using animation for eLearning, you don’t need your own Snow White. An engaging, interesting, memorable Doraemon will do. The Japanese manga series — Doraemon, that is — isn’t technically outstanding animation, it ignores some principles of animation clearly. But, does that make it a bad quality film? We argue that it certainly does not. Quality — for us at Hornbill FX — is conformance to requirements, meeting the objectives of the communication.

Let’s see something closer to our business

Visuals that look like rough sketches, stick diagrams, block colors — this film is hardly an animation masterpiece. But does it explain the software interface in a simple, engaging and memorable way? Yes. That’s good quality, then, isn’t it?

The artist in all of us wants to make high-grade films, we want to make our own Snow White. But that comes with effort, cost, and energy that is often unaffordable, and usually unnecessary for eLearning videos. In fact, focusing on visual pleasure might take away the learning experience in some cases.

So, we at Hornbill FX make high-quality films. We understand your needs, peruse your content, and create eLearning animation that makes your employees better at their job. Isn’t that what you wanted all along?