Why you should choose animation for your eLearning

Take on the omnipresent attention-deficit disorder, overload of information, never-ending to-do list, and lack of interest, with animation-based training.

“The Brain Lady” Dr. Susan Weinschenk argues that there are four essential reasons we are drawn to video:

#1: We pay attention to faces.
#2: We listen to voices.
#3: We mirror the emotions of the other.
#4: We pay attention to movement.

This must come as no surprise, considering the number of videos published and watched on Youtube (everyday, people consume millions of hours of videos, generating billions of views). For long, experts have predicted that video will make for the most effective marketing content in the coming years.

But animation has a particular advantage – even among videos — in that it can tell complex stories in an engaging, fun, close-to-heart way. Animation has unlimited ability to create affable characters, carefully crafted voices and emotions, and weave natural but exaggerated stories in imaginative backdrops. Can you picture that?

Now, add to that expertise in learning, time-tested pedagogy and andragogy principles and your own training content. Do you see your training taking on beautiful and impactful shapes?

Learners today are easily distracted — need I say anything about mobile phones and social media distractions? For them to pay attention and learn, they need to see compelling content, delivered persuasively. They need to hear it in an engaging yet concise manner. It has to be innovative, intuitive and interactive. What better way is there than animation?

Happy Learning!