Announcing the launch of The Fairside Project – bringing fun and learning together, Hornbill style!

The whole team at Hornbill FX is extremely proud to announce the launch of The Fairside Project – a product we’ve had the privilege to work as a partner of Bigfatphoenix Interactive (BFP). 

The Background

Bigfatphoenix is an edtech startup from Chennai, set up to push the boundaries of learning through interactive and immersive games. BFP’s founders – highly credentialed and with experience at the best enterprises in this space – had a clear vision for how The Fairside Project should take shape.

However, that’s where they ran into a wall. App development firms they approached were unable to apply the aesthetic sensibility to deliver to their expectations. Art firms on the other hand, did not possess the technical expertise to operationalize their vision. And neither had experience in the field of education that would ensure that the desired learning outcomes were successfully achieved through the project.

Hornbill FX lay precisely at the intersection of these three distinct requirements – the ideal blend of visual aesthetics, technical ability, and education industry background. It was a perfect match, and we’re now proud execution partners to BFP, working together on the development of The Fairside Project and other projects too.

Social and Emotional Learning

The Fairside Project helps users of all ages learn and grow through a number of fun games. The idea is to help users – especially children, though there are plenty of games that adults will enjoy as well – to increase their emotional intelligence and grow as human beings. 

With a vast library of games that is always being updated, users play games to improve their understanding of ethics, selflessness, kindness and other positive traits.

The perfect balance between Fun and Learning

The Fairside Project is a learning experience and a gaming hub at the same time. Using Social and Emotional Learning Frameworks, The Fairside Project includes some super fun games that help you learn without even realizing it. They teach you about the world and yourself, at the same time. 

The Fairside Project uses a unique, and extremely interesting, ‘persona’ system. This helps children understand each of their actions, tracks their growth, and helps both you and your child reflect on their development.

Fantastical game design and content

Fairside is the fantastical nation that forms the backdrop for all games within The Fairside Project. It’s a lot like our real world, but with a few twists, both bizarre and awesome. We took the time to create the right aesthetic for Fairside, with multiple iterations for character and scenery design before we settled on the final look-and-feel. 

The characters are genuine and recognizable as real individuals we meet in our everyday lives. Users meet people both kind and mean, in some realistic situations and some that are less so! Kids who play The Fairside Project learn real lessons that they can implement in our world.

An evolving library of games

The Fairside Project is not a single static game. We are constantly developing the library of games and releasing new games every day. Each game puts your favorite characters in a fresh situation and throws new challenges your way. Whether it’s rescuing an animal shelter or dealing with a pandemic, each game is unique and interesting. At the same time, the purpose of Fairside shines through each game. Our vision is to help inculcate positive traits in the user, which is the top priority of every single game in The Fairside Project library.

Universality of content

Since The Fairside Project is a collection of games, with new games added every month, there are interesting options for users of all ages and across cultures. That’s why Bigfatphoenix has chosen to launch the application worldwide. Adults can enjoy the game just as much as kids, so download today and check out the characters, the game play and the learning that comes through fun!

The Fairside Project takes game-based learning to a whole new level, as it perfectly blends fun and learning every step of the way. If you are interested in working on a similar project, and need someone with the experience, tech skills and creative sensibility to execute it, do get in touch with us today.