Immersive eLearning – The Right Bang for your Buck

Choosing engaging and immersive learning experiences can give your corporate eLearning the cost-effective edge.

Everytime we meet clients who are looking for alternate ways to deliver their training, they often start with the observation that their existing training method — instructor-led training (ILT) or ‘Chalk and Talk’— isn’t ideal. They say that it’s tedious to organize, learners don’t have the opportunity for follow-ups /clarification later, and that retention is not optimal. But the most pressing concern with ILT is the meagre return on investment. In fact, a client once said, “Often we feel like we don’t get anything tangible for the investment we make. The learning dissolves into thin air, and we are often left with nothing to go back to”.

So, why should you consider immersive eLearning?

Let’s start with the bottomline: It is significantly less expensive to execute; almost free to scale. Think of it this way,: once ready, replication cost of immersive eLearning is minimal; no additional expense on venue, logistics, trainer etc.

No end to learning: With immersive eLearning, your employees get proactive learning solutions that are well integrated and logically mapped to the learners understanding of the concepts. They can learn, revise and re-learn at no additional production cost — your employees can learn as many times as they need.

No loss on the blind side: With immersive eLearning, you can measure your employees’ learning. good measurement enables you to re-skill, up-skill, assign, and reassign your employees based on what they are best suited for.

No loss of learning due to inconsistency: Immersive eLearning offers consistency (bordering on exactitude) of training delivery — even if you get the same trainer to do the ILT every time, you can’t be sure of consistency, can you?

No loss of time in waiting: Immersive eLearning offers inexpensive, convenient scaling. There is no need to worry about minimum class-size to meet ROI; no loss of productive time in waiting. Your employees can be instantly trained and deployed.

When we say cost efficient, we don’t mean that immersive learning solution is cheap. It does come at a price. However, we are passionately arguing that it will be worth every penny. Do you agree?

Happy Learning!